Planning a Road Trip

In the past 3 years I’ve been on two two week-long road trips. We stopped every night in a new town with a new hotel. These were some of my favorite memories because we got to do so many things and tweak the trip to how we wanted. Road tripping is amazing because you have the option to decide that you want to take a different route at the last second as opposed to a trip in another country where you’ve taken months to plan out every second of your day. I will try to do a couple more posts on my road trip destinations since I won’t be covering them in today’s content! So one of the first concerns and why many people don’t do road trips I feel like is do to the tediousness of planning. Here’s how we effectively planned ours:

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My Current Fitness Journey

Aight fam, let’s talk about healthy living. I know that this is something that most everyone struggles with at some point or another (especially me) so I want to share a bit of my story and experience with y’all and just kinda let ya know what’s up.

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